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Airport Digital Signage

Our digital screens serve as the ultimate public transportation companion.

Travelers can easily access real-time information, such as bus departure times, platform numbers and route details, all seamlessly updated through our content management system.

Navigating the city becomes a breeze, even for first-time visitors.

Public Transportation App: Your Connection to the City

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We understand that every passenger's journey is unique, and we believe in tailoring their airport experience to perfection. That's why we've crafted cutting-edge, customised solutions for digital signage screens that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that passengers feel truly cared for throughout their time at the airport.

Unlocking Seamless Journeys:

Mangodo's Tailored Solutions for Airport Digital Signage

Staying informed is key to a stress-free journey.

Our screens provide real-time updates on traffic density, enabling passengers to plan their routes effectively. Plus, timetables for public transportation and important announcements keep travellers in the loop throughout their airport experience.

Traffic and Transportation App:

Real-Time Insights

Taxi Screens: Travel Made Transparent

For those who prefer taxi services, our screens display essential information such as fares, estimated travel durations, and even the option to book a ride directly.

Travelers have all the details they need at their fingertips, ensuring smooth and cost-effective journeys.

When a plane arrives from China or Pakistan, our system springs into action. Passengers are greeted with warm, personalised messages on digital screens.

Whether it's in their native language or offering local tips and services, our system creates a welcoming atmosphere, making passengers feel right at home.

China & Pakistan Project: A Personalised Welcome

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