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Cleaning and Monitoring System

Smart Solutions for Impeccable Restrooms

Mangodo's restroom cleaning and technical monitoring systems are
the future of restroom management at airports. Our innovative technology empowers passengers to report their opinions on restroom cleanliness and highlight problem areas, all in multiple languages. This real-time feedback loop connects passengers, restroom cleaners, and airport management seamlessly.

When a traveller reports an issue, the magic begins. Airport employees are instantly notified via a mobile app, allowing them to spring into action and resolve the problem promptly. Whether it's a cleaning request, a maintenance issue, or a supply refill, our system ensures that the passenger's concern is addressed without delay.

Swift Response, Happy Passengers

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As airports around the world experience a surge in traveller numbers, ensuring top- notch facilities, like restrooms, is more crucial than ever. Dirty bathrooms not only tarnish a traveller's impression but can also impact their overall airport experience. At Mangodo, we've harnessed technology to transform the way airports maintain restroom cleanliness and address traveller concerns.

Revolutionising Airport Restroom Experience:

Mangodo's Cleaning and Monitoring System

Where Cleanliness Meets Innovation

Tracking Efficiency in Real-Time

Mangodo's restroom cleaning and technical monitoring system aren't just about clean restrooms; it's about delivering exceptional passenger experiences. We understand that a positive impression starts with the basics, and clean, well-maintained restrooms are an essential part of that equation.

But our system doesn't stop there. We believe in accountability and transparency.
With Mangodo, every action is recorded. We track how long it takes to resolve reported issues, providing airport management with invaluable insights into restroom maintenance efficiency. It's about continuous improvement, ensuring that every traveller's experience is better than the last.

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