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Elevating Luggage Weighing

at Airports

Luggage Weight Integration

Our software interfaces directly with the airport's scaler, retrieving accurate luggage weight information.

Database Connection

It connects to our comprehensive database, pulling up traveller information, including airline details and flight type.

Instant Information

In a matter of seconds, our solution informs the traveller, both in written and oral forms, about their luggage's status—whether it falls within the weight requirements or exceeds them.

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Every traveller's journey begins with the simple act of checking in their luggage. But what if this routine process could be transformed into a hassle-free, informative experience? Enter Mangodo's specialised scaler solution, purposefully designed to seamlessly interface with airport scalers, expedites the task of luggage weighing with efficiency and accuracy.

Mangodo's Scaler Project:

Elevating Luggage Weighing at Airports

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Travel Smarter, Travel Easier

At Mangodo, we're not just streamlining processes; we're enhancing the passenger experience from the moment they step into the airport. Our scaler project is a testament to our commitment to making air travel more convenient and stress-free.

With Mangodo's scaler solution, travellers are no longer left guessing whether their luggage meets airline requirements. Our real-time feedback ensures they're well- informed, reducing the likelihood of last-minute surprises and excess baggage fees.

Travel Smarter, Travel Easier

Mangodo's scaler software takes the stress out of luggage weighing. Here's how it works:

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