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Prior to this collaboration, Mangodo had already left an indelible mark by providing strategic consulting services to Istanbul Airport's esteemed duty-free retailer, Unifree, starting in 2018. Together, we embarked on a mission to reshape the passenger experience through the ingenious application of cutting-edge technology.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Mangodo, a dynamic software development company, joined forces with IGA, the visionary team behind the operational excellence of Istanbul Airport, in January 2020.

About Us

Mangodo has implemented several customised solutions at Istanbul Airport aimed at improving the customer experience and ensuring passengers are provided with real- time information updates. The solutions implemented at the airport include:

Customised Solutions to Improve The Passenger Experience


At Mangodo, we take pride in revolutionising the way airports communicate, engage, and inform travellers and visitors. Our cutting-edge digital signage product, Designage, has taken airport signage to the next level, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. With over 500 successful installations at airports, Designage has become an indispensable tool for modern airports.

Digital signage systems direct passengers and provide up-to-date, real-time information updates. Mangodo’s Designage allows for easy management of and content creation for digital screens in the airport environment, providing passengers with real-time information updates. At Istanbul Airport, Mangodo’s digital signage system manages more than 500 screens located in different parts of the airport including security gates, lounges, and restaurants, amongst others:

Dynamic Digital Signage

Designage serves as the digital information hub at key locations within the airport, including security gates and X-Ray areas. Passengers can easily access essential information, such as security guidelines and terminal maps, ensuring a smooth and stress- free journey.


Navigating a busy airport is now effortless with Designage. From gate assignments to restaurant locations and check-in desks, travellers can rely on our digital signs for real-time updates and directions, ensuring they never miss their flights or the perfect dining spot.


Restaurants and cafes within the airport can leverage Designage's dynamic menu boards to

showcase their offerings with mouthwatering images, prices, and special promotions.


Ordering a meal becomes an enticing experience.


Designage is not just about airport logistics; it's also a window to the city's charm. Promote local attractions, landmarks, and events to pique travellers' interest, encouraging them to explore the city during layovers.


Maximise revenue opportunities with Designage's advertisement capabilities. Airlines, local businesses, and global brands can advertise their products and services, reaching a captive audience of travellers.


Efficient internal communication is vital for airport operations. Designage can be used for disseminating important updates, safety protocols, and employee messages, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.


Mangodo has implemented several customised solutions at Istanbul Airport aimed at improving the customer experience and ensuring passengers are provided with real- time information updates. 

Latest Projects

We understand that every passenger's journey is unique, and we believe in tailoring their airport experience to perfection. That's why we've crafted cutting-edge, customised solutions for digital signage screens that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that passengers feel truly cared for throughout their time at the airport.

Unlocking Seamless Journeys:

Mangodo's Tailored Solutions for Airport Digital Signage

As airports around the world experience a surge in traveller numbers, ensuring top- notch facilities, like restrooms, is more crucial than ever. Dirty bathrooms not only tarnish a traveller's impression but can also impact their overall airport experience. At Mangodo, we've harnessed technology to transform the way airports maintain restroom cleanliness and address traveller concerns.

Revolutionising Airport Restroom Experience: Mangodo's Cleaning and Monitoring System

Every traveller's journey begins with the simple act of checking in their luggage. But what if this routine process could be transformed into a hassle-free, informative experience? Enter Mangodo's specialised scaler solution, purposefully designed to seamlessly interface with airport scalers, expedites the task of luggage weighing with efficiency and accuracy.

Mangodo's Scaler Project: Elevating Luggage Weighing at Airports

Mangodo, we believe that a traveller's journey should be defined by convenience, accessibility, and informed choices. That's why we've introduced our Information Kiosk—a versatile and comprehensive solution that puts the power of information at passengers' fingertips.

Empowering Passengers with Information Kiosks: Your Gateway to Seamless Travel

In our commitment to delivering exceptional passenger experiences, we've taken airport assistance to the next level with our Interactive Assistance Kiosk—an innovation that seamlessly connects travellers with real human support while also prioritising accessibility for all.

Elevating Passenger

Engagement: Mangodo's

Interactive Assistance Kiosk

Waiting in a queue is a part of daily life, but it doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. Mangodo's groundbreaking solution, S-Line, is here to transform queue management, ensuring that every journey is smooth, efficient, and tailored to the crowd.

S-Line: Revolutionising Queue Management for Effortless Flow

YumMyMenus, a game-changing digital restaurant management system that reimagines the dining experience. In today's fast-paced world, we understand the need for convenience, safety, and choice, which is why YumMyMenus is designed to offer all this and more.

YumMyMenus: Redefining Restaurant Dining with Digital Innovation

Elevating Airports as Consumer Hubs: Mangodo's Vision for the Future

In an era of rapid change and growing passenger expectations, airports are no longer just transit points; they're evolving into vibrant consumer hubs. At Mangodo, we recognise this transformation and are at the forefront of delivering innovative technology solutions that cater to the unique needs and desires of today's travellers, ensuring an exceptional airport experience.

Mangodo is not just delivering technology solutions; we're empowering airports to reimagine their role and become consumer-centric hubs.

We're facilitating connections, enhancing convenience, and transforming the airport experience into something memorable.

Empowering Airports for the Future

I have witnessed firsthand the transformation that Mangodo's innovative solutions have brought to our airport operations. Mangodo's commitment to excellence and technology-driven innovation has significantly enhanced both the passenger experience and operational efficiency at Istanbul Airport. One of the most remarkable aspects of Mangodo's contribution has been the relentless pursuit of personalized passenger experiences. Their solutions have allowed us to communicate effectively with passengers in real-time, delivering critical information, wayfinding assistance, and targeted promotions that have enriched the passenger journey.In conclusion, Mangodo's innovative solutions have been instrumental in elevating Istanbul Airport's reputation as a world-class travel hub

Testimonial from Istanbul Airport

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